About Us


Xplorer Maps creates the world’s finest hand-drawn and hand-lettered illustrations of National Parks and other significant historical sites and destinations throughout the world. These high quality and unique maps are rendered using an antique, old-world style mastered by the artist, Chris Robitaille. Originally designed to pay homage to the early cartographers, these maps are interpretive, educational, culturally and historically relevant and are attractive as fine art framed for home, office or hotel décor. These beautiful illustrations are geographically accurate, intricate in their attention to detail and aesthetically pleasing.


Xplorer Maps began because two brothers were passionate about making a connection between beautiful, unique artwork and the Montana mystique. We wanted to take our vision and combine the talented, globe-trotting artist with the entrepreneurial and visionary Montana spirit to help convey our message about the importance of history, culture, education and conservation. It is through these beautiful illustrations that we hope to provide people with a unique memory of wherever their journeys have taken them and help raise awareness of the precious environment in which we all live.

Artist and co-owner Chris Robitaille began creating similar antique-style maps over ten years ago while living in Kenya. Over the past fifteen years, Chris and Greg have continually refined their vision of connecting this artwork with the opportunity to help local communities raise awareness for conservation and wildlife around the world.

Having lived in Kenya, China and the Middle East for the past 20 years, Chris has gained a deep understanding and appreciation for other cultures and their environments. During the same time period living in Montana, Greg has developed a passion for geography, history and cultural education and has been searching for ways to connect family, communities and our mutual passion into a viable business opportunity.

With Chris’s recent long-term selection as the featured artist of the International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula and his appointment as the official illustrator for IMAX’s 10 year, $100 million “One World, One Ocean” campaign, it seems like an opportune time to capitalize on this exposure and begin to seriously make our dream a reality.

We hope you enjoy our hand-drawn illustrated maps and we look forward to creating more special memories for many people around the world.