Xplorer Maps is known for sharing profits w/ organizations dedicated to preserving the lands that inspire our artwork.  But Xplorer Maps ALSO gives back to the people that help spread the word about our maps and these wonderful lands.  If you have a website or blog, you can put Xplorer Maps text or a banner we supply on the site and if someone clicks through and purchases any Xplorer Maps product we’ll share the profits with you!  This word of mouth strategy is a form of “affiliate marketing” and where better to put advertising dollars than in the pockets of people passionate about art, wildlife, maps and the beautiful places that make our world amazing.


Signing and setting up for this process is pretty simple.  We work with a company called ShareASale that makes both sides of the process quite manageable with no coding required (it’s copying and pasting coding!).  Click the black image above to be taken to our ShareASale page direct or simply sign up for a free account at Then under the Merchants Tab click “search for merchants”, type in Xplorer Maps and click the “Join Program” button under our listing.  We request that you advise how you’ll promote us and let us know that you came from our site.  This will help us as we vet out our partners.  Once we have a chance to review you’ll recieve an email advising you of the approval a link to our creative.  You will need to set up some accounting information as well such that the money you earn can be easily transferred.

To access our creative in ShareASale (the code you’ll copy and paste) go the links menu in your ShareASale affiliate account and select the first option “get a link/banner” option.  Scroll down and click on the “Get Links” text under Xplorer Maps and if you want text click the “Get HTML code” link on the far right and copy that code and paste into your page.  If you prefer a banner, click the banners tab just to the right of the Text Links tab, click on the one you desire, scorss down and copy and past the code where you would like the banner to appear.  Voila – ShareASale takes care of the rest.

We’re happy to creative custom creative, text or banners should the need arise for a specific size banner or something specific to a map that you’re writing about.  Simply email us at and will work out the details.

Together we can make and sell great products while helping to preserve the amazing places we’re lucky enough to have and visit.

Happy Xploring.