Montana PBS March Pledge Drive

We live in a time of information. At the tip of our fingers, we can discover just about anything.  It is crazy to think of a time this wasn’t the norm; a time in which  radio and print publications were our only forms of gaining information. Although the way in which we receive information has changed over the years, Montana PBS has always found a way to keep their communities informed. 

The radio station and TV service shares diverse stories that encourage connection for Montanans. They provide quality television that educates our youth and elders alike while elevating our understanding of the world. Whether they are breaking news stories or keeping our community informed with unbiased information, Montana PBS encourages respect for one another. Over the years, PBS has created community-based initiatives and engaged in services that echo their independent spirit and neighborly concern.

We’re ecstatic to announce our partnership with the Montana PBS March pledge drive. As a premium gift for your donation or membership, PBS will be offering our stunning, hand-drawn maps of Flathead Lake! There’s no better time  to get involved. 

 “We’re honored to participate in Montana PBS’s spring pledge drive this year. Having spent quite a bit of time around Flathead Lake over the past 30 years (and admittedly consuming far too many burgers and fries at Richwine’s), it’s a special opportunity to give back to our community.” said Greg Robitaille, Owner of Xplorer Maps,  “We’re proud to offer our unique maps as a premium gift to hopefully help strengthen the connections between people and place; something Burgerville has been doing in a fun and unique way for more than 50 years!”

We fully recognize how impactful Montana PBS is on our community. As a partner in this spring pledge drive, we are asking you to get involved in the ways you can. Montana PBS relies on your generous support to offer quality programming and services.  Your investment provides access to unique perspectives on local and national stories, and provides educational services in communities throughout the state. 

Help Montana PBS continue to make an impact in your community. Their pledge drive runs from today through March, 14 2021, and you have the chance to give back and get involved. Stay up to date by viewing the live stream: and read about what’s upcoming:

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