Montana Trivia Facts

February 08, 2016


The “Last Best Place has plenty of trivia that even native Montanans may not know.  Check these out and comment below if you have any other fun facts about this incredible state!

1.)  Montana has the greatest grizzly bear population in the lower 48.  No wonder the griz is the state animal.  Visitors in the right places have a decent chance at spotting one of these amazing animals!

2.)  On the same note, no state has as many different species of mammals as the Treasure State.  The free-flowing waters, abundant plains, and mountain ranges of Montana are the perfect habitat for many animals.

3.)  The largest snowflake ever recorded was in Montana.  It measured in at 15”.  That is HUGE!  The state gets a lot of snow, so if you’re not into that kind of thing, you may want to pick another state to live in year-round!

4.)  Creeks in this state are pronounced “cricks”.  The state’s accent is fairly neutral, but every now and then you may catch a hint of the Midwest and Canada.  But Montanan’s will tell you they don’t have an accent…

5.)  In Montana, if someone is drinking a “crown ditch”, it simply means they are drinking a crown royal and water.  If you want a crown ditch with a splash of seven-up, you will order a “crown sage”.  There is usually a watering hole or two in every town, so next time you’re visiting order your spirits Montana style.

6.)  Montana was the first state to have Bibles put in hotel rooms in 1908 in the town of Superior.  Since then, over 1.8 billion Bibles have been placed in hotels across the world.

7.)  In 1888, Helena had more millionaires per capita than any other city in the world.  Driving through the town now, you would never guess.  But if you drive through downtown, you can see the remnants of the mansions that were built around the turn of the century.  Montana’s natural resources created an insane amount of financial abundance.

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