Welcome to the Xplorer Maps Blog

November 17, 2015

Welcome to the Xplorer Maps blog!  I’m Greg, co-founder of Xplorer Maps, makers of old-world style, hand-drawn maps.  My artistically gifted brother Chris and I found ourselves wanting to forge deeper relationships with our surroundings, with our friends and with our families through art.  We seized an opportunity to combine the talents of an award-winning, globe-trotting artist with my entrepreneurial and visionary Montana spirit to help convey our message that history, culture, education and conservation are inextricably linked.  Xplorer Maps was born!

“Connecting People and Place” that’s our main objective with each and every original, hand-drawn, illustrated map we design and render. We literally design, create, craft and render the map from scratch – no public domain images whatsoever; we do not imitate!   This originality is the basis for the connections we hope our art makes.



Where do we derive much of our inspiration? It’s the people, the cultures, the landscapes and their livelihoods that capture our imagination. It’s the diversity within each of these unique places that helps tell the story. And perhaps most importantly, it’s the entirely subjective and personal experiences each and every one of us has as we immerse ourselves in these precious environments.

We also realize that simply enjoying a place isn’t enough.  To keep our parks, states and other amazing places beautiful we need to protect and preserve them.  We do this by forging relationships with like-minded individuals and organizations on local, regional, national and global levels and give back wherever possible in a variety of ways.  Often times this means donating an original piece of artwork or giving a percentage of map sales to an organization and sometime it’s simply volunteering or donating time .  While creating pieces of art that connect people and place is the heart of Xplorer Maps, the philanthropic piece is most certainly the soul.

Chris and I hope to provide people with a unique memory of wherever your travels have taken you and in the process, help raise appreciation and awareness of the special places where we visit or are fortunate enough to call home.

Please ride along with us on our rewarding journey and share your stories of special places that inspire you; the landscapes and people that make lasting and meaningful connections.

Happy Xploring!  Greg.

Learn more about Chris and Xplorer Maps in the video below, shot and edited by his 2 kids.