Xplorer Maps Partners with Blue Earth Design to Create Hand-Made Retail Display Units

June 18, 2019

Xplorer Maps Partners with Blue Earth Design to Create Hand-Made Retail Display Units

After five years of extensive research and testing, Xplorer Maps is pleased to announce that it is partnering with a Colorado company – Blue Earth Design -  to create custom, USA hand-made retail display units to be distributed in stores nationwide.

With three different size and style options, the display units will consolidate Xplorer Maps’ hand-drawn art maps and map-related products (magnets, mugs, coasters, notecards and more) into one focal point. The units are designed to maximize valuable retail space, highlight Xplorer Maps’ hand-drawn artwork while sharing its unique story, and most importantly, increase revenue for store owners.

“Store owners have been supporting us so well without custom displays until now,” said Greg Robitaille, president of Xplorer Maps. “These display units demonstrate our level of commitment to our brand and are an important investment that will boost sales for store owners.”

Five-Year Search for the Perfect Partner

For the past five years, Robitaille has been searching for the perfect company to work with on designing the display units, investing time and energy into a handful of different prototypes. None have ticked off all the desired boxes until now, Robitaille said.

Based in Crestone, Colorado, Blue Earth Design handcrafts and manufactures product display cases from native and reclaimed woods. The company is dedicated to high quality work, supporting small and local businesses, employing local workers, being environmentally conscious, and keeping manufacturing in the U.S., according to owner Adam Kinney.

After spending 20 years in construction, Kinney and his wife, Christina, purchased Blue Earth Design in 2014 and began to grow their business. For Kinney, hand-crafting display units is a creative outlet and a way to support businesses that create healthy products. Located in a rural community, Blue Earth Design also takes pride in providing jobs in the local economy. They have from four to six employees depending on the client workload.

“Xplorer Maps fits with our beliefs and values,” Kinney said. “We love and appreciate the Xplorer Maps’ story. It is a real honor to support the company’s growth. The display units we’re making for Xplorer Maps highlight their story and value system.”

For Kinney, working with Xplorer Maps has been an experience. “Our working relationship has been great. Greg is extremely invested in the business and has an amazing level of commitment. He is one of the most hands-on clients I’ve ever worked with. He feels like one of my best friends.”

For Robitaille, finding the perfect partner after a five-year search is rewarding. “It’s taken me five years to find a retail display option that I feel properly represents my brother’s artwork, effectively tells our story, and efficiently helps store owners maximize their sales potential,” Robitaille said. “In Adam, I finally found a master builder and an artist who understands what we’ve been looking for – Made in USA, custom, hand-made units that are not mass-manufactured overseas and look like all the others currently on the market.”

And, Blue Earth Design doesn’t have much competition in that area. “No one is doing what we’re doing,” Kinney said. “Most stores use displays they got from big vendors. Ours are hand-made and have a story behind them.”

Kinney calls display units an investment in retail real estate. “They are hand-crafted, locked in place in a store, and are more likely to get refilled.”

Caption: Adam Kinney and his wife, Christina, picture in front of Blue Earth Design.