Xplorer Maps to Donate to the Montana Wilderness Association

December 10, 2015

For the past couple of years, my brother Chris and I have been considering whether or not we should offer for sale the original artwork from the very first 3 hand-drawn maps we created that helped jump start our new business venture together. Paramount to that decision, we thought, was searching for, and eventually partnering with, an organization dedicated to the conservation and preservation of the public lands that provided the original inspiration behind this journey we called “Xplorer Maps”; and our strong preference was fostering a collaboration right here in Montana.


Well……we now believe we have found that partner in the Montana Wilderness Association as we begin to collaborate on a new custom hand-drawn map due to be released in 2017 highlighting all the wilderness areas of Montana and their unique history and cultural stories.

Consequently, for the first time ever, we are offering for sale the original artwork of our hand-drawn illustrated maps of MontanaGlacier National Park, and Yellowstone National Park. Chris and I will donate $2,500 from the sale of each original map to the Montana Wilderness Association to help support their efforts to preserve and protect Montana’s heritage of wild places and public lands, unparalleled beauty and outdoor cultural traditions.

More about the originals:

Montana Original Artwork

“The Montana Map” – This is where it all began in 2006. The very first Xplorer Maps piece of art – it was, and continues to be, the cornerstone and inspiration of the business.  A splendid and diverse landscape, rich cultural history and an abundance of awe-inspiring wildlife, the Montana Map is simply everything that represents Xplorer Maps.  This original pen &ink illustration is finished with multiple water color washes layered throughout the creative process. It is rendered on the finest archival papers in the industry and custom matted, framed and ready to be displayed in your home, office or cabin.  The original artwork is $8,500, and $2500 from those proceeds will be donated to MWA.

“Yellowstone National Park” – The world’s first National Park and Xplorer Maps 2nd custom hand-drawn map – this artwork captures the magnificence that makes Yellowstone one of the most famous and most visited parks in the world.. Beyond its’ world famous geothermal features, Yellowstone represents the largest megafauna in the continental United States and is home to Grizzly bears, wolves, and free-ranging herds of bison and elk as well as countless other species of mammals, native Montana species of grasses and indigenous plants. The original pen, ink and watercolor is custom matted and framed with a gorgeous double linen matt and is selling for $7,500 with $2,500 being donated to MWA.

“Glacier National Park” – Our third Xplorer Maps illustration was a tribute to America’s centennial celebration of our nation’s 10th National Park.  With its majestic splendor, Glacier (Montana’s “home” park) captures the essence of the past where glaciers were as ever present as bison roaming the plains and where native flora and fauna continue to reign in one of our nation’s most pristine and spectacular parks. The original Glacier pen, ink watercolor illustration is custom matted and framed and is also priced at $7500 with $2500 being donated to MWA.

Blending history, culture, interpretive education, and conservation, each of these maps connects people and place through detailed depictions of natural landscapes and iconic images of the flora and fauna that make each of these special places so unique. Ours are the only hand-drawn maps of National Parks in the world today that are rendered with custom, original illustrations and lettering and have been approved by the National Park Service along with each park’s respective educational non-profit partner for “geographic and geologic accuracy, educational merit, historical perspective and cultural relevance”.  They are truly one-of-a-kind keepsakes.

Missoula Made Fair 2015

For more information or to purchase one of these originals, contact Greg Robitaille at greg@xplorermaps.com.

Learn more about our partnership on the Montana Wilderness Association Blog.

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