Zanzibar Map

Off the East African Swahili coast lies Zanzibar - an archipelago of many small islands and two large; Unguja and Pemba. The former, Unguja is often commonly referred to as simply Zanzibar and is the main focus of this Xplorer Maps Zanzibar map.

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Unguja is known for its stone city, beautiful sandy beaches, fringing coral reefs and exotic flora and fauna reflecting its connection to the African mainland during the last ice age. Jozani Forest is home to many of the more unique creatures inhabiting Zanzibar; among them the Red Colobus monkey, one of Africa’s rarest primates, bush-pigs, civets and though believed extinct by many, the Zanzibar leopard.

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean Zanzibar’s reef, sand channels and rock formations are home to hundreds, if not thousands of different species of marine life. Dolphins, whales, sea turtles, sailfish, barracuda, whale sharks and scorpion fish are among the masses that live in these waters.  Xplorer Maps captures much of this exotic landscape and animal life in this old-world style Zanzibar map.

The Zanzibar map is approximately 18" wide x 24" tall and is printed with eco-friendly inks on enhanced matte paper. This is an Epson Ultra Premium Presentation matte finish 10.3 ml paper that displays exceptionally well.

*Limited quantities available

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