Capitol Reef National Park Map

100 miles of spiraling canyons, monstrous domes and other-worldy spires of sandstone formations make Capitol Reef National Park a mysterious and intriguing landscape in South Central Utah.

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A defining feature of the park - the Waterpocket fold, with its combination of wide ranging elevations and precipitation, coupled with the diverse geology and topography, allows 85 vegetation associations to exist. Of the 887 plant species that occur in the park, 40 are designated rare and endemic plant species, and six are federally listed as threatened or endangered.  The Claret Cup Cactus, Narrowleaf Yucca, Prince's Plume and the Two-Needle Pinyon Pine are just a few featured in the map.  Detailed depictions of landmarks and geographic wonder like the Lower Muley Twist Canyon, Capitol Gorge and Hickman Natural Bridge also dot the canvas.  The incredibly diverse landscape also supports a plethora of animal life from Desert Big Horn Sheep to the yellow-bellied marmot to the blunt-nosed leopard lizard; all of which are gorgeously illustrated  on this amazing and awe-inspiring landscape of the Capitol Reef National Park Map.

The Capitol Reef National Park Map is 18" wide x 24" tall


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