At 3.8 million square miles and with over 325 million people, the United States is the world's fourth largest country by total area (behind Russia, Canada and China) and the third-most populous (following India & China).


The amazing United States of America, as William Guthrie wrote it in 1940, stretches "from California to New York Island, From the Redwood Forest, to the Gulf stream waters" but also includes the picturesque archipelago of Hawaii and the enormous wild lands of Alaska as well as a handful of U.S. territories scattered about the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

As one might imagine, this vast landscape is incredibly rich in diversity and technically qualifies as a "megadiverse country" or one that harbors the majority of Earth's species and a high number of endemic species. Capturing that, as well as the rich human history in a single map was certainly no easy task. Xplorer Maps artist Chris Robitaille did a splendid job of highlighting both. From the plains fauna like the roaming bison of North Dakota to the slithering alligators of the Florida swamps to the man-made wonders of the Empire State Building to the Golden Gate Bridge he captured so many pieces of the great American Pie!

Experience a taste of the entire United States of America in this one-of-a-kind, 100% custom, hand-illustrated artistic map.  The USA Map is 24" wide by 18" tall.


Looking for a custom matted and framed piece?  Choose from Montana hand-scraped pine, antique maple burl, rustic Montana barn wood or reclaimed Flathead Lake larch. (Learn more about the Flathead Lake Larch here).  You can also choose between green and blue mats.  All frames come standard with conservation clear glass which is guaranteed 99% UV protection.  Upgrade to Museum glass which also guarantees 99% UV protection but also provides ZERO GLARE - this is the quality glass you would find in gallery settings.  You can also request a complete customization by emailing us.

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