Xplorers Club FAQ

Do I have to log-in to get points?

Yes, if you complete a purchase before logging in you will not get the points awarded for purchases.

Do I have to make a purchase to become an Xplorers Club member

No, you simply need to create an account to become a member. You can then accrue points in various ways, many of which do not include a purchase. Rewards, however, are redeemed on purchases made online.

Where are my point totals and where do I see my rewards?

Your points, level, and rewards are all displayed in the widget accessed on the right of your screen on every Xplorers Map webpage. This is also where your coupon codes are displayed and then used on the checkout page.

How do I receive my free gifts?

The free gifts are predicated on a purchase - to receive the gift ideally, you just add a note in the "Note to Xplorer Maps" box in your cart before you check out (the note would say something like, "please include my free MT tote!) or if you've already placed your order - simply zip off a quick email to support@xplorermaps.com - with the subject line "Free Tote - Order #xxxx".  this needs to be done in a timely manner, however, so the order doesn't ship before we get your email!  It will ship out to you free of charge with the order. 

How do I "Refer a Friend"

In your widget box, under the "Refer a Friend" you'll see a link to copy, you can share it right there on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or by email. When your friend purchases with their coupon code, you will be awarded 50 points. You can refer as many friends as you'd like!

Why don't I see my reward for free shipping over $100

This reward is automatically calculated for you at check-out

How do I get the points for a testimonial and product review?

Send your testimonial and/or product review to info@xplorermaps.com - once approved, it will be posted on our site and we will update your point totals!  Please include in your subject line: "Testimonial for Xplorers Club" or "Product Review for Xplorers Club".

How do I redeem my 15-20% discount for Chris Robitaille Paintings Giclees and Original Paintings?

Visit RobitaillePaintings.com to see the works of Chris Robitaille, then email Greg@xplorermaps.com for further details and pricing.