Natural Stone Flathead Lake Coasters

A rugged beauty that equals that of the largest freshwater lake West of the Mississippi. Made of the same durable marble you would use on your kitchen backsplash or counter these stone Flathead Lake coasters are naturally resilient to moisture and wear.

Featuring the Xplorer Maps Flathead Lake Map, the artwork on these natural stone Flathead Lake coasters will decorate and protect your furniture for years to come.

The Flathead Lake coasters are proudly made in the USA from imported Italian Boccino stone.  Because the stone is naturally slightly porous, the image is “grabbed” or absorbed by the surface of the stone so it does not peel or flake but it does result in slight variations from one set to the next, so your set may differ slightly from the image.

The natural stone Flathead Lake coasters measure 4" x 4" and come in a collage design that looks great whether separated or put together in a mini-puzzle to form another design.

Cleaning: Hand-wash recommended.  Simply wipe with a damp soft sponge or cloth. Please do not use any abrasive cleaners or pads, this will scratch the image. A spritz of a gentle glass cleaner like Windex will also clean them up.

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