Capitol Reef Natural History Association Interview

Capitol Reef Natural History Association is the official non-profit partner of Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. Capitol Reef NHA supports the park with proceeds from publications and interpretive material sold within the park. Established in the early 1960s with only one bookshelf, the Natural History Association has grown and now has two visitor center stores within the park. While in St. Louis recently attending the annual Public Lands Alliance trade show, Xplorer Maps had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing with Executive Director Lee Grundy and Retail Operations Manager Monica Brian of Capitol Reef NHA.



XM: We are so excited to sit down and talk with you two! Thanks for taking the time out to stop by! Can you tell me a little about your organization?

Capitol Reef NHA: Well, the organization started in the 60s with one little bookshelf, and the room had a small fireplace that everyone had to hunker around to stay warm! It has grown to two stores now.

XM: Wow! I’m sure a lot has changed since then. Can you tell me a little about your roles with Capitol Reef NHA?

Capitol Reef NHA: 

Monica: I’ve been with Capitol Reef for 15 years, starting on the ground floor.

Lee: I’ve been with Capitol Reef for 24 years, and I also started on the ground floor. 

XM: Impressive! Can you tell me how you first discovered Xplorer Maps? 

Capitol Reef NHA: The previous director found XM at a Public Lands Alliance trade show and loved the idea of creating a custom hand-drawn map just for Capitol Reef!

XM: What makes the XM line unique and successful for your organization? What stands out?

Capitol Reef NHA: The hand-drawn aspect is very unique and appealing; and the colors are muted, so they aren’t distracting and can be a part of any retail space we have.

XM: Please briefly share any feedback you get from your visitors/customers pertaining to the Xplorer Maps brand.

Capitol Reef NHA: Every product of yours that we carry sells great! We never have to put it on sale or :clearance”. We are really picky and like to choose carefully because of our small space, but we always come back to XM because we love the products and so do our customers.

XM: Please briefly comment on the customer service you receive from Xplorer Maps.

Capitol Reef NHA:  FABULOUS! Kevin is a hoot!


Charitable Donations:

CASH: Under our collaborative Partnership Agreement, Xplorer Maps also donates a percentage of all Capitol Reef National Park map sales in perpetuity. This year’s donation was in the amount of $1693.20 and will assist with children’s interactive programs held by Capitol Reef NHA!

Pictured above is Kevin Haveron (National Sales Manager) and Emily Rose Ashton (Media and Communications Manager) of Xplorer Maps, presenting the donation check to Lee Grundy (Executive Director) and Monica Brien (Retail Operations Manager) of the Capitol Reef Natural History Association!