Natural cozy Interior living room with sofa and sheer curtains displaying the New Hampshire framed map art by Chris Robitaille.

Original, hand-drawn story map and accompanying gifts of New Hampshire by renowned Illustrator and Xplorer Maps Co-Founder, Chris Robitaille.

Originally inhabited for thousands of years by various Algonquian-speaking tribes, New Hampshire was one of the original Thirteen Colonies and ratified the U.S. Constitution on June 21, 1788; becoming the 9th state to do so. 

Located in the heart of the six-state New England region, New Hampshire has become a popular four-season tourist destination. The state is renowned for its quaint towns and covered bridges, large expanses of wilderness, spectacular fall foliage and White Mountain National Forest that dominates the north-central part of the state. Mount Washington, at 6,288 feet, is the tallest mountain in the northeastern U.S. 

New Hampshire ranks as the 5th smallest state by area; the 10th least populous; and has the shortest ocean shoreline of any U.S. coastal state (only 18 miles long!). Adding to its significance is the state’s role in the Revolutionary War; its historic position in the U.S. presidential election cycle as the 1st U.S. primary; the Appalachian Trail, Lake Winnipesaukee and spectacular wildlife. It’s no surprise that New Hampshire attracts millions of visitors annually!