Wholesale FAQ

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

We do! You can order directly through our XM Direct Wholesale page or reach out to Kevin at sales@xplorermaps.com or 406-830-1001 to get started! If you prefer to shop our store on Faire, check us out there.

What products are available for wholesale pricing?

Everything we sell on our website (excluding framed prints)!

What are your requirements to be eligible for wholesale pricing?

 To order directly through XM Direct, we ask that products ordered at wholesale price are purchased solely for the intent of being resold at a retail store/online shop with which you are personally affiliated (excluding online sites like Amazon). Products ordered at wholesale price should not be for personal use, whether for yourself or as gifts. Faire has its own set of requirements in order to sign up, which you can find here.

Do you offer bulk volume discounts beyond standard wholesale pricing?

We do! Check out a New XM Direct wholesale page and apply for an account today!

How do I request a physical catalog?

To request a physical catalog, please get in touch with Kevin at sales@xplorermaps.com or 406-830-1001.

Does Xplorer Maps provide product samples?

We sure do! Contact Kevin at sales@xplorermaps.com or 406-830-1001.

Do you have an opening order minimum? 

Absolutely not! We believe in our brand and we want to reduce as many hurdles as possible to help get you started with Xplorer Maps. We encourage you to go as deep into our product line as you're comfortable with to help determine what products sell best for your customers.

I have an issue with my order. Who do I contact? 

Please reach out to our amazing Customer Service team at support@xplorermaps.com. We will address the issue immediately and make it right. Guaranteed!