Terms and Conditions

Xplorers Club

Xplorers Club, Xplorers Maps loyalty program (Program) is offered by Xplorer Maps, LLC (Company) to customers making purchases and to potential customers on xplorermaps.com or in the retail store(s). In addition to the rewards and privileges described herein, additional offers may occasionally be extended by the Company. These terms and conditions (hereinafter Terms and Conditions) form the agreement (the Agreement) between you (Member) and the Company concerning the Program.

Member’s acceptance of terms

A Member who participates in the Program agrees to the terms and conditions, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of the Program, including, without limitation, these Terms and Conditions. All disputes must be arbitrated individually (i.e., not as a class action) under the provisions below. Members are responsible for staying informed about the Program Terms and Conditions. Company reserves the right to disqualify Members who have violated any of the Program Terms and Conditions.

Company’s right to change/cancel program

At any time and without notice, the Company may alter, limit, modify, or terminate the Program, the Program structure, any other feature of the Program, or these Terms and Conditions. Your continued participation in the Program will confirm your acceptance of such changes.

Membership eligibility

All US residents are eligible to participate in the Program. There can only be one account per individual and membership is restricted to individuals only. Unless approved in advance by Xplorer Maps, corporations, businesses, charities, partnerships, enterprises, or anyone other than an individual, membership is not available.

Membership enrollment

You can enroll by creating an account on xplorermaps.com. When creating an account, it is important to provide accurate and complete information. Xplorer Maps reserves the right to refuse membership to any customer who does not follow the enrollment procedures. Member should promptly advise Company of any changes to their personal account contact information, such as name, address, telephone number(s), and/or email address, by visiting xplorermaps.com, signing in, and updating their account.

Program communications

The company will use email to keep members informed of their tier status, eligibility for benefits, and program changes. Even if a member opts out of marketing or promotional messages, they may still receive non-marketing or non-promotional emails regarding their account or ongoing business relations.

Eligible purchases

Purchases of merchandise after promotional offers have been applied and before shipping charges have been applied, made at xplorermaps.com, count toward your Program tier status.

Valid email address

To be eligible for select benefits, offers, and updates, a Member must have a current and valid email address. If a Member changes their email address, they must update their account information online and notify the Company.

Right to revoke

The company has the authority to cancel a member's membership in the program and take away any benefits they may have earned if the member misuses any program privileges, engages in fraudulent activity, fails to follow the program's terms and conditions, or obtains benefits through deception, forgery, or fraud.

No transfer

Program benefits cannot be transferred, purchased, sold, assigned, auctioned, or traded, even in the event of death or as part of a domestic relations matter. Doing so will result in the Member account being voided. Additionally, please be aware that benefits have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash.


If you need to return something you bought from Xplorer Map, you can find their return policy at https://xplorermaps.com/pages/returns-policy. When you return an item, the points and spending that were applied to your membership status when you made the original purchase will be taken away from your account.