Xplorer Maps Gift Card

Give the gift of adventure to a loved one when you give them an Xplorer Maps gift card. Our gift cards take people back to the places they love, when they purchase one of our wonderful products.

Gift Cards purchased here are for online shopping only.  How they work:

1.  You add the gift card to your cart like any other product and check-out as normal.

2.  You (the purchaser) will receive an email that contains a link to the recipient.

3.  You can either click on that link to the view the card and copy that link and email to the lucky person receiving the gift card - or simply forward the email from Xplorer Maps straight to them.  Alternately, you can also print it out and put a physical copy in a card, whatever you choose!

4.  Gift Cards NEVER expire and to use - simply enter the gift card code in the "gift card or discount code" box at check-out.  Voila - adventure delivered.