Working Together

As members of 1% for the Planet, Xplorer Maps donates a percentage of proceeds from every product we sell to a variety of non-profit organizations around the world.

All of these organizations have similar missions as we do; focused on the conservation and preservation of our Public Lands. Xplorer Maps has donated more than $150K to almost 40 different organizations since we began 12 years ago.

Throughout our travels and professional opportunities, we have come into contact with a number of amazing people and organizations dedicated in a variety of ways to protect our Public Lands.

Mission Partners

Joining forces to create good.
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Collaborative Partnership Comments

Andy Hart • Executive Director

Southern Nevada Conservancy - Las Vegas, NV

Southern Nevada Conservancy worked last year with Xplorer Maps in partnership to create the beautiful Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area map. We had a lot of fun along the way with the process. We ended up with a great, beautiful interpretive product that is going to really tell our story to our visitors.

Kristin Howland • Executive Director

Central Coast State Parks Association - San Luis Obispo, CA

Xplorer Maps beautifully portrays the iconic landscapes, animals, plants, and landmarks of an area. Locals and longtime visitors to the Central Coast honor the uniqueness and beauty. Now they have a tangible item that tells the story of why and what they love about these places.

Lee Grundy • Executive Director

Capitol Reef Natural History Association - Torrey UT

Capitol Reef has been working with Xplorer Maps for a long time; in fact, we were the original collaborative partner that created this custom map for our park! They give us great customer service, get back to us immediately on all inquiries/orders, and have great stock levels.

Greta Miller • Executive Director

Shenandoah National Park Association - Luray, VA

We were drawn in by Xplorer Maps' hand-drawn map of the Great Smoky Mountains. The images were beautiful, unique, and iconic; we simply didn't have anything that depicted Shenandoah in that clever way. We've collaborated on a new interpretive, custom product that is proving to be a big hit with our visitors.

Collaborative Partnerships for Custom Map Projects