About Us


Xplorer Maps creates the world’s finest hand-drawn and hand-lettered illustrations of national parks and other significant historical sites and destinations throughout the world. Every line, letter and icon is unique, custom and original to each new map we render. Originally designed by to pay homage to the early cartographers, these high quality and exceptionally detailed custom maps are rendered by Chris Robitaille (Xplorer Maps artist and co-owner) using an antique, old-world style.

The maps make excellent gifts and are attractive as framed art for home, office, resort or hotel decor.

Setting us apart from any other “map product” on the market, our fine-art illustrations have been approved by National Park Service specialists and their respective non-profit partners on the basis of educational merit, interpretive value, cultural relevance, and historical and geographic accuracy. There are simply no other maps that can compare anywhere!


Xplorer Maps began because two brothers were passionate about making a connection between beautiful, unique artwork and the Montana mystique. Artist and co-founder Chris Robitaille began creating similar antique-style maps in the late 1990s while living in Kenya. Over the past 15 years, Chris and his brother, Greg (Xplorer Maps president and co-founder) have continually refined their vision of using these incredible “story maps” with the opportunity to help local communities raise awareness for conservation and wildlife around the world.

The brothers – a talented globe-trotting artist and an entrepreneurial Montana geography buff - wanted to take their vision to help convey the message about the importance of bringing together art, history, culture, education and conservation. It is through these beautifully illustrated story maps that Xplorer Maps hopes to provide people with unique memories of wherever their journeys have taken them and help raise awareness for the special places in which we all live or visit.

Having lived in Canada, Kenya, China, United Arab Emirates and Thailand over the past 25 years, Chris has gained a deep understanding and appreciation for other cultures and their environments. During the same time period living in Montana, Greg has developed a passion for geography, history, cultural education and America’s public lands. Both brothers were intent upon strengthening family relationships over long distances and shaping mutual passions into a viable business opportunity.

In 2011, after completing his degree as a certified high school Social Studies and English teacher and spending 24 years as a tennis professional - and no doubt at a career crossroads - younger brother, Greg, rolled the dice, took the proverbial plunge and seized the opportunity to seriously begin turning the dream into reality (much to the delight of their parents).

We hope you enjoy our intricately detailed hand-drawn maps and our growing line of carefully selected and sourced products. We look forward to creating more special memories for many people around the world.