Finger Lakes

Original, hand-drawn story map and accompanying gifts of New York's Finger Lakes by renowned Illustrator and Xplorer Maps Co-Founder, Chris Robitaille.

The map and accompanying gifts of the Finger Lakes region showcase its lush greenery and serene blues, emphasizing the natural beauty of the area. Key locations such as Ithaca and Watkins Glen are prominently featured. Notable attractions on the map include breathtaking waterfalls, sightings of majestic bald eagles, encounters with graceful deer, and the occasional presence of black bears. Explore and immerse yourself in the vibrant greens and calming blues that define this picturesque region.

Finger Lakes Map Natural Stone Coasters in soothing blue, green, and tan hues. The design highlights vineyards, a black bear with cubs, a majestic bald eagle, and iconic landmarks like Watkins Glen, Ithaca, and Syracuse in the state of New York, capturing the scenic beauty and diverse attractions of the Finger Lakes region
Finger Lakes Natural Stone Coasters - Set of 4
Finger Lakes hand drawn map in greens and blues. The map features Ithaca, Glen Watkins, Syracuse,  and Rochester.  Waterfalls, bald eagles, Deer and black bear are featured on the map.
Finger Lakes Hand-Drawn Map
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