Mother's Day Particularly Poignant During Challenging COVID-19 Times

There’s no one quite like our moms! While “sheltering in place” during the coronavirus pandemic may make this special day different than in previous years, it is more important than ever to stop and appreciate the wonderful women in our lives.

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate and remember moms everywhere. For Greg and Chris, their mom – or rather their “mum” – is very special and has provided them with a “lifetime of inspiration, wisdom, and guidance.”

Here’s what Chris and Greg have to say about their mum:

“This year especially, it seems important to really appreciate and acknowledge everything we have to be thankful for. And topping my list is my MUM! My mum has always encouraged me to trust my instincts, follow my passion, and devote myself to becoming the best artist and musician I could possibly be. I find her words and example to be so genuine, heartfelt, and appropriate during these uncertain and scary times. Thank you for being the greatest mum to all of us! Happy Mother's Day to everyone around the globe - but especially mine!”

-Chris Robitaille, Xplorer Maps’ artist and cofounder  


It's a little extra special celebrating Mother's Day this year. It's my mum's 60th Mother's Day on this earth, and for at least that many years (and likely many more before that), Earlene has set an amazing example of kindness, compassion, and consideration toward everyone.....everywhere.....without prejudice. This is unbelievably poignant during these challenging times. All 4 of her children are extremely grateful and proud to still have her in our lives as our role model and inspiration to pursue our dreams and believe in one another. I love you to the moon and back, MUM.

-Greg Robitaille, Xplorer Maps’ president and cofounder

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful moms out there!