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Journey Through Art: Missoula Gives Art Show

May 3, 2024

Let's rally together to support Ecology Project International (EPI)'s Yellowstone Program, guiding students and teachers in conservation and outdoor research. Your support for EPI's Missoula Gives campaign directly connects local youth to conservation education, providing gear for hundreds of students annually. Together, let's ignite a passion for cherishing and protecting our ecosystems.

Save the date! From May 1st to May 5th, XM is making a big impact by donating 50% of all sales, online and in-store, to support Ecology Project International (EPI). Your purchase directly fuels student education, empowering the future stewards of our planet.

Join us for a day of community spirit and environmental awareness on May 3rd. Don't miss the chance to win an amazing Yellowstone National Park Gift Basket! Let's come together to make a difference and celebrate the beauty of our planet.

And that's not all! Get ready for a burst of creativity at our lively art show featuring the incredible talents of Xplorer Maps employees. Join us for a joyous celebration of imagination as our team unveils their masterpieces. Let's come together to explore the vibrant and fun side of our employees' creativity!

Narwhal and Crow

Narwhal and Crow is an inspiration from Alexandria’s journeys through cultures abroad, internal growth, and the way art has become a potent form of self-regulation, as well as Narwhal, her friendly tuxedo cat. These studies continue today and have become a daily practice both in and out of the pottery studio. She is currently living in Missoula, MT, and traveling around the northwest to participate in art shows. To follow along with the progress and daily updates as well as how and where to shop in person follow @narwhalandcrow on Instagram! 

Hannah Robitaille

Howdy! I am a Waldorf Early Childhood teacher and owner of Mountain Song School. Growing up between this mountain valley and the windy coast of Northern California embedded in me awe for our earth in all its glory. As a teacher of young children, I am blessed with a daily reminder to hold on to my sense of wonder with my whole heart. My art is a practical expression of this wonder, creating with natural materials beautiful things that contribute to a practical life. Everything I make is also done with and in the presence of children, who then use and play with our creations! These woolen dolls are all archetypal characters who are woven into stories in our classroom and have brought to life the vibrant imaginations of our little Mountain Song family. The children and I are proud to share them.

Infinity and Hide

Hi, I’m Annie Owner of Infinity and Hide, a handmade Jewelry Company and Chain Bonding Service based out of Missoula, Montana. One thing I learned from being a stylist at Nordstrom for years is that accessories always fit! I Love creating Jewelry using Hide accents made out of repurposed Montana leather goods.

Infinity and Hide provides not only a beautiful yet rustic collection of handmade Montana Leather Accessories but also a Jewelry Bonding Experience to celebrate any occasion. Holiday Parties, Pop Ups, Private Events, and more. I will come to you to Bond your Memories with Friends and Family through Permanent Jewelry.

Mandela van Eeden

Mandela knows it’s only rock and roll… but she likes it. From pencil to charcoal, she does her best to capture the movement and sound of musicians who have inspired her over the years. Bio: 

Mandela is an international adventure guide & educator who grew up between Montana’s public lands & a private nature reserve in South Africa. This upbringing shaped her into a professional story teller & conservationist. 

For the past two decades, Mandela has worked as an expedition river guide in over 26 countries, where she has recorded our local radio series & podcast, “The Trail Less Traveled”.

Mandela is passionate about wildlife conservation issues on every continent. She does this both professionally and during her spare time on the board of directors for the Montana Wildlife Federation. 

Since September 2023, Mandela has worked on location in South Africa, Zambia, San Francisco and eight national parks in order to Connect People and Place with Xplorer Maps.