My Park Story - Discovery: Zach Smith & Grand Teton National Park

Today's National Park Week theme is Discovery. Exploring our public lands and National Parks allows us to discover the world around us and encourages us to keep paddling and searching for more. 

Xplorer Map's Warehouse Manager, Zach Smith, brings us this next story about discovering Grand Teton with his family.   


If you are searching for a phenomenal kayaking experience on glacially formed lakes that are surrounded by breathtaking mountains, then look no further than Grand Teton National Park.  

Our family, like many, loves any chance we get to spend time outdoors and explore. The sheer beauty of Grand Teton National Park and its wildlife is why we decided to load the kayaks up and head to Wyoming to visit the park.

Our sights were set on paddling String Lake and Leigh Lake. String Lake is the smaller, shallower lake of the two and makes for a very relaxing, worry-free float. As you paddle to the end of String Lake, you will have the opportunity to portage your boat to Leigh Lake.

Leigh Lake is much bigger, deeper, and choppier than String Lake. This makes it just a bit more challenging. The one thing they do have in common is the jaw-dropping scenery that surrounds them. As the day came to an end, we loaded up the boats and headed to our campsite. 

On the way to our campsite, we were lucky enough to spot a grizzly with three cubs. This was the perfect time to get the camera and spotting scope out. We were able to watch these bears for 20 minutes before they meandered off into the woods. This was a perfect end to an amazing day on the water.

Kayaking String Lake/Leigh Lake in the Grand Teton National Park is an unforgettable experience. The overwhelming beauty of this park is what makes it so special, and a highly sought out place for those who love to explore.