My Park Story - Fun: Tara Shisler & Yellowstone National Park

Getting out in our National Parks and Public Lands is always FUN in our book! National Parks are a great way to get out and have some fun with your friends and family. Today's National Park Week theme is fun! Our story today comes from our Marketing and Advertising extraordinaire, Tara Shisler. Read her story of this one time at Yellowstone with a bison and a promised TV appearance.


I have had a lot of great family & friend adventures that involve discovering the wonders of nature, but nothing quite like this one. 

Growing up, each day began with the TV blaring NBCs Today Show. Our family fav was Al Roker. So, you can imagine how excited we were when we learned in May 2013 that the Today Show would be broadcasting live from Old Faithful in Yellowstone as part of the Five Great American Summer Vacation Destinations. My mom's dream came true, and it was her 60th birthday! Win-Win! 

My wife, mother, and I packed the car and drove to Yellowstone from Missoula. When we arrived at our hotel, we had just enough time to make our handmade signs for the next day's broadcast. That morning it was lights, camera, and action! We all got ready for a possible TV appearance, threw more glitter on the signs, and headed out into the dark, foggy morning. 

The drive was scary. I have never felt the eeriness of being in the park after dark, but I knew from previous visits that the bison roam freely. Everyone in the car was on the lookout for wildlife. That was when I heard a scream from the passenger side. “A giant eyeball is following us!" When I looked over, I saw this giant eyeball looking at me, so I decided to slow down and let the eyeball pass. A bison had quietly been running alongside our car. 

As we approached Old Faithful, our excitement grew. We pulled into the parking lot, ready to shout for Al Roker when I noticed we were the only fans there. I thought, "Can we really be the only Today Show fans in Montana?"

That was when we found out a natural disaster had happened that night. Al and the gang had to be elsewhere. We were bummed and still have yet to meet Al, but there is no better way to brighten your day than to spend it roaming Yellowstone National Park!