My Park Story - Gratitude: Kevin Haveron & Bryce Canyon National Park

The National Park Week theme today is Gratitude. What does it mean to be grateful for a place? For today's story, our National Sales Manager, Kevin Haveron, tells his story of a Spring Break trip with his twins and how grateful one can be to spend quality time with family.


The snow was coming down (2 feet is what we were told), and 3/4 of the park was closed; turn back? No way!!!! The direct mountain road to Bryce from Cedar City was closed; turn back? No way!! We took a 40-minute detour and arrived in about 2 hours. 

We put on our Yak Tracks and made it happen. And did we ever need them! There were only two viewpoints open in that March winter storm. Sunset and Inspiration. I know my 14-year-old twins, my partner, and I missed A LOT at Bryce during that March winter storm, BUT we got to see some beautiful winter scenery.

The 4-foot fence line meant to guard visitors from cliff edges came up to my knee; they were buried under the winter's snowfall. I must admit it really kicked in my fear of heights and sense of caution. Of course, the 14-year-olds just went for it!!! They hiked up at Inspiration and Sunset to gain even more spectacular views and hiking experiences.

Just standing and looking at the path was plenty for me. I had no idea that Bryce was so HUGE!! It was absolutely overwhelming seeing the snow-peaked mountain caps and caves; it’s incredible that most of this was caused by erosion. If I had to describe our feelings about this place. I would have to say AWE! 

Looking back, it's hard to believe that we only saw 1/5 of what Bryce Canyon NP has to offer. What an incredible memory for our family. the closed roads, huge snowfall, and slippery conditions were all totally worth it!! We cannot wait to go back to see the rest of the park, and as beautiful as our winter wonderland was, we will definitely wait until later in the season to see the entire park next time.