My Park Story - Connection: Sam Haveron & Canyonlands National Park

Welcome to National Park Week 2023! This week, we celebrate our national parks' breathtaking beauty, rich history, and diverse wildlife. National Park Week is an annual celebration where we honor these incredible spaces that have been preserved for future generations to enjoy. This year's theme is #myparkstory, which encourages park-goers to share their experiences and memories at these remarkable destinations.

To further highlight this theme, we've reached out to each employee from Xplorer Maps and asked them to share their own park stories. These stories showcase our personal connections to these parks and how they have impacted our lives. From kayaking in the Tetons to camping in the Olympics, our team members have experienced the magic of our national parks firsthand.

The first day of National Park Week's theme is Connection. Connecting you to your favorite places is one of our favorite things to do here at Xplorer Maps. Read on to learn how our Warehouse Associate, Sam, and his girlfriend connected with Canyonlands National Park!


'We woke up, and our tent was completely frozen, so we decided to pack up the campsite and move to a hotel. We got breakfast in Moab at an amazing waffle place and then made our way to Canyonlands. We stopped at the visitor’s center and then drove up to Island in the sky. Sofia got really car sick on the way up, but she recovered enough for the drive down to Hole in the Wall. We got a private tour (no one else showed up) of the 63-year-old home built into the side of a sandstone cliff off of highway 191. We had a lot of fun looking around the eccentric property and feeding the animals at the petting zoo; our favorite was Cooper the Camel. After the long day, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for Vegas the next day!'