National Park Week 2022


April 16-24


National Park Week is one of our favorite weeks of the year here at XM. Every year, the National Park Service celebrates all the national parks, state parks, national monuments, and historic sites in the NPS system. It’s a time when Xplorer Maps shares our love for the parks with you and helps connect you to the #placeswelove. This year, the National Park Service is encouraging people to #sParkConnections, discover nature and history and to most importantly, #findyourpark!

At Xplorer Maps, we strive to #sParkConnections with our original hand-drawn maps. When visiting these special places, we are often left wondering how we can take a little piece of that special place home with us. With Xplorer Maps, you can do just that! With more than 50 custom “story” maps available, you’re sure to find the place that speaks to you and allows you to spark a connection! After all, we love Connecting People & Place.

To celebrate further, we will be offering BOGO sale on all our National Park Collections! This deal is good from April 16-24th; no code needed!!!

Starting the week of April 16th, the NPS is offering FREE entry to all parks! This is a wonderful way to get out and take advantage of parks that may otherwise be a bit out of reach. Here in Montana, our home parks are Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park. It’s especially exciting as this year we celebrate Yellowstone's 150 year anniversary!

So, what kind of fun stuff will NPS be hosting this year?! We’ve listed out the full schedule of events below. And for more information about how you can get involved locally, follow this link to the NPS website: National Park Week 2022

April 16: sPark Discovery 

National Park Week kicks off with a fee-free day to encourage everyone to find something new by visiting a national park, especially one that may be close to home, a park you haven't considered visiting, or one you never realized is a national park! What new national park will you discover? #sParkDiscovery

Sunday, April 17: sPark Creativity 

National parks have inspired artistic expression and creativity for generations. What is your park muse? What masterpiece can you create? #sParkCuriosity

Monday, April 18: sPark Collaboration 

We get along with a little help from our friends. Meet our many partners that help expand our reach and offerings and connect people to parks. How can you get involved or participate in opportunities? #sParkCollaboration

Tuesday, April 19: sPark Innovation 

The National Park Service incorporates the latest technology to support conservation and preservation efforts while consistently working to improve the visitor experience. How can we surprise you with innovation? #sParkInnovation

Wednesday, April 20: sPark Opportunities 

On Workforce Wednesday, learn about the work we do and the employment opportunities available in the National Park Service and with partner organizations. How can you join? #sParkOpportunities

Thursday, April 21: sPark Preservation 

The National Park Service is a leader and partner in preservation of historic, cultural, natural and recreational resources nationally—and even internationally! How can you get involved in preservation? #sParkPreservation

Friday, April 22: sPark Action 

On Earth Day we look at the health of the environment and how we impact its wellbeing and vice versa. What actions can you do to contribute to a healthy world? #sParkAction

Saturday, April 23: sPark Curiosity 

The National Park Service preserves and protects unique places with fascinating stories and unique landscapes. What are you curious about? What fascinating things can you discover? #sParkCuriosity

Sunday, April 24: sPark Memories 

Generations of visitors have created lasting memories in national parks. What memories and traditions will you create? #sParkMemories