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Your continued and growing support is sincerely appreciated; never taken for granted; and always provides us with the inspiration and motivation to improve our product collection and customer service across the board.



On the heels of an incredibly challenging year for everyone in 2020, you folks helped make 2021 our greatest sales year ever; perfectly timed to coincide with our 10th anniversary!

  • Xplorer Maps added THREE brand-new products to our line in 2021 (Fleece Blankets; Canvas Totes; and Espresso Shot Glasses) as well as an entirely re-branded line of Puzzles and Custom Mugs
  • Xplorer Maps released FIVE new original hand-drawn maps in 2021 (Boston, Cape Cod, Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park, North Carolina and Hawaii)
  • We re-introduced The “Xplorer’s Club” which allows you to earn points toward future purchases in multiple ways! You don’t even need to spend money to start receiving benefits.
  • Team Growth: Xplorer Maps added 2 full-time positions to our family-owned and operated business; all of whom live, work and play right here in Missoula, MT!
  • Philanthropy: Primarily because of your growing support, Xplorer Maps donated more than $10,000.00 in Q4 2021 (both cash and in-kind contributions) to a variety of organizations dedicated to the education, preservation and conservation of our Public Lands. 

    …and HOPES for Q2 2022

    • Xplorer’s Club: Our objective is to significantly increase the awareness, features and benefits of our signature Rewards Program.
    • Customer Support: We have added to our customer support team to better serve the growing demand in online sales.
    • Xplorer Maps E-Commerce: Improvements are coming to our Website (July 1st) to make the ordering process quicker, simpler and more user-friendly.
    • More New Products: We have recently added an additional 20+ canvas tote bag designs to our collection as well as 40+ different Die-Cut Oval Stickers and Neck Gaiters to our line-up. Stuffable Pouch Totes and Stainless Steel Travel Drinkware are coming in Q2!


      The official art process for our original hand-drawn map of THE OUTER BANKS is now underway. We recently reached out to our followers to get their insight and suggestions and we received over 200 submissions based on the conceptual sketch above.

      THE WINNER OF OUR Outer Banks of North Carolina Facebook CONTEST IS: D.Allen! They will receive a free Framed Print of the Outer Banks once the custom artwork is completed! Congratulations!

      THE WINNER OF OUR MAINE Facebook CONTEST IS: Madeline! They will receive a Framed Print once the custom artwork is completed! Congratulations, Madeline!

      How can YOU become the next winner of our FREE Framed Print Giveaway?With each new hand-drawn, custom map we create, we spend months researching possible content illustrations to be included in the artwork. One of our favorite methods of research is polling you, our wonderful patrons, on what your favorite places are in these special places! Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages for a link to the giveaway! All you’ll have to do is answer a few questions about that particular map.


      New Product Updates

      Oval Stickers: AVAILABLE NOW!   










      Neck Gaiters: AVAILABLE NOW! 


      New Map Releases: Coming Soon

      New Hampshire: Available now! Released March 23rd 
















      Maine: Release date scheduled for April 30th 

      Maine map sketch

      Outer Banks: Release date scheduled for June 1st


      Pennsylvania: Release date scheduled for June 1st

      Conceptual sketch of Pennsylvania

      Team Updates:

      Carmen Viergutz joined the team in August of 2020 as our bookkeeper and QuickBooks specialist. Carmen is from Duluth, Minnesota but has called Missoula home for the last three years. Mother of four and ‘Nana’ to three, Carmen enjoys spending time with family. An avid traveler, she has visited 40 states and has traveled abroad to England, Wales, and Scotland. When answering the question, “what does connecting people & place mean to you?” Carmen says that the memorabilia she purchases for herself and loved ones while traveling allows her to remember the people she met and the places she visited, all while bringing a huge smile to her face. She says that contributing to the local economy on her vacations help support the places she loves for years to come.

      Whitney Smith joined the Xplorer Maps team in October of 2021. As our new Warehouse Manager, she has been organizing and diligently packaging all orders placed on our website. Whitney loves to travel, and often daydreams about her time spent in Japan, where she had the best ramen of her life. Her number one goal with travel is to run out of pages in her passport before needing to get it renewed! When answering the question, “what does connecting people & place mean to you?” Whitney says “for me, connecting people and place means traveling to new places and exploring, appreciating, and learning about them in a way that just isn't possible through articles or photos. It's becoming so immersed in a different culture that you have no choice but to see things from a new perspective. It's understanding where you come from and keeping meaningful traditions alive. It's making sustainable choices so people can continue connecting to places for generations to come.”

      Xplorers Club

      Being a member of our Xplorers Club is an excellent way to stay up to date with Xplorer Maps and get great deals when you shop with us! The Xplorers Club features four levels; Adventure, Safari, Xcursion and Xpedition. With each purchase, you earn points allowing you to ascend each level. Check out all the great benefits here!



      1% For The Planet is an organization dedicated to connecting businesses with nonprofits that align with their brand identity and values. 

      Thus far in 2022, Xplorer Maps has donated more than $15K in cash to 7 different organizations that are members of 1% For the Planet


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