Rocky Mountain Conservancy Interview

The Rocky Mountain Conservancy is the official non-profit partner of Rocky Mountain National Park. The conservancy’s work directly impacts the park. Their most notable contribution is the Next Generation Fund, which is responsible for funding Rocky’s Conservation Corp along with their Junior Ranger Program, as well as many other programs.

Xplorer Maps co-founder and president, Greg Robitaille worked closely with the conservancy when creating our Rocky Mountain National Park map in 2018. Greg works for months to research all elements of our maps so his brother, the artist, Chris Robitaille, can have all elements ready to draw the map.

We are happy to have interviewed Nancy Wilson and Chris Wenzel of Rocky Mountain Conservancy about their conservancy and our partnership. Read more below!


 1. Please provide us with a brief history and mission of your organization

Founded in 1931, the Rocky Mountain Conservancy (formerly the Rocky Mountain Nature Association) is a nonprofit organization supporting Rocky Mountain National Park. When you support the Conservancy, you’re supporting one of our national treasures for generations to come.

 2. Please provide us with a brief personal history of your role with your organization.

I started with the organization in 1990 and have been with it for almost 30 years in various roles, including retail associate, Field Institute Director, Membership manager, and Publications Director.

 3. How did you first discover and/or hear about Xplorer Maps? How has the relationship grown?

I was first introduced when Xplorer Maps was developing their first iteration of RMNP map. I collaborated along with our retail team to work with your artists to ensure that the details were correct, and the content was relevant.

 4. What makes the Xplorer Maps line unique and successful for your organization? What stands out?

The artwork is so beautiful and detailed and packs a lot of interesting facts into useful and eye-catching products.