Shenandoah National Park Association Interview

Shenandoah National Parks Association is the official non-profit partner of Shenandoah National Park. The association provides the park with resources to support interpretive and educational activities within the park. They manage the two visitor center gift stores within the park, where they curate an array of gifts and collectibles to remember your time at Shenandoah.

In March 2022, we sat down with Executive Director, Greta Miller, to interview her about the association and Xplorer Maps product line. Read the full interview below!


Xplorer Maps: Please provide us with a brief history and mission of your organization.

Greta Miller: The association was established on May13 1950 and was formed to help interpret and educate our visitors. The superintendent at the time, invited the community to create a “natural history association.” The association started by selling field guides and topography maps to hikers and visitors alike. The first year brought an annual income of only $600. Now, 72 years later, we’ve expanded to two visitor centers with park stores. One of the visitor centers was converted from an old restaurant. Before the first actual store, you could find a peddler on the road or at overlooks to buy things from.

XM: Please provide us with a brief personal history of your role with your organization.

Greta Miller: I have worked with Shenandoah National Park Association since July 1979! I started as an office clerk and worked my way up. I officially became Executive Director in 1981. I have been attending Public Lands Alliance trade shows for 30 years and love my job every day.

XM: How did you first discover and/or hear about Xplorer Maps? How has the relationship grown?

Greta Miller: I found you all at a Public Lands Alliance show. I saw the Great Smoky Mountains National Park map and fell in love with the style of maps you all create.

XM: What makes the Xplorer Maps line unique and successful for your organization? What stands out?

Greta Miller: The colors and style are unmatched. The uniqueness of your brand stands out immensely.

XM: Please briefly share any feedback you get from your visitors/customers pertaining to the Xplorer Maps brand.

Greta Miller: The product flies off the shelf. The coasters and blankets do extremely well, as every customer loves these! The map tubes are also a big hit with our visitors.

XM: Please briefly comment on the customer service you receive from Xplorer Maps.

Greta Miller: We work very well with Kevin and the team. Everyone is very friendly, and you all help us get what we need when we need it! Xplorer Maps is exceptional.


Charitable Donations: 

CASH: Under our collaborative Partnership Agreement, Xplorer Maps donates a percentage of all Shenandoah National Park map sales in perpetuity to the Shenandoah National Park Association. This year’s donation was in the amount of $2,519.17!