Xplore The Sound: Utah

Music can bring people together from all walks of life. It can put people in a spellbinding synchronicity that can only be felt from the rhythms of instruments. Utah musicians have found their footing and style, which carries throughout the state. Xplore The Sounds of Utah, with this new playlist! Happy listening.

"Everybody Talks" - Neon Trees

If any song will get you up and grooving, it's this one! The fun in this song is groovy and danceable. Take a listen.

"Fun" - Mr. Tape

If you need a song to get you excited about a night out. This is it. Jam it while you're getting ready. Or just jam it while you're cleaning the house. It will make you have some fun.

"Ski and Party" - Pixie and The Partygrass Boys

Dive into Utah's take on Bluegrass. With twangy mandolin melodies, and topics like and skiing and partying, these tunes will sure to move your feet for you.