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The United Arab Emirates, where nomadic tribal heritage and modern society somehow beautifully co-exist. Journey over rolling red sand dunes into the Hatta Mountains, where the 200-year-old Sharia Mosque sits amid 30 restored buildings of sandalwood and mud, or go beyond the desert that consumes four-fifths of its area and you’ll find Abu Dhabi and Dubai with their urban sprawl of skyscrapers, malls and boutiques.

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As rich in oil as it is in history, the United Arab Emirates boasts the 7th world’s largest oil and natural gas reserves and thus is most notably known for these and the associated lifestyle. But the country’s history and culture is a far better story. Humans have inhabited the land since 5500 B.C. and in most recent centuries were under Portuguese, Ottoman and British control until its independence in the late 1960’s. Civilization thrived throughout its history from early copper trading to fishing industry to the pearling industry that thrived until the end of the second world war.

The natural flora and fauna of the United Emirates is mostly desert with the oases growing date palms, acacia and eucalyptus trees. In the desert the flora is very sparse and consists of grasses and thornbushes. Sharks, dolphins, whales, tuna and other marine life roam the Arabian gulf waters while few animals like the Arabian onyx and leopards call the inland deserts home.

The Xplorer Maps United Arab Emirates map captures a great deal of this history and geography in this beautifully depicted, antique and old-world style, hand-illustrated map. 

The UAE map is approximately 24" wide x 18" tall and is printed with eco-friendly inks on enhanced matte paper. This is an Epson Ultra Premium Presentation matte finish 10.3 ml paper that displays exceptionally well.

*Limited quantities available

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