Mallorca Island Map

History comes alive in this exquisite, hand-illustrated Mallorca Island Map.

Derived from the Latin terms insula maior, "larger island" Mallorca or Majorca, is the largest island in the Spanish Balearic Islands archipelago nestled in the Mediterranean Sea. The dreamy island that provided inspiration to Chopin and Miró is not only a hot bed of tourism but also of natural and historic wonders.

Each region in Mallorca has its own unique and stunning appeal - the northeast for history, the east coast for beaches and caves, the north and west for spectacular mountains like the rugged Tramuntanas and picturesque villages as well as the fertile plain of Es Pla at the centre of the island, with its almond groves, windmills and old market towns. All of these regions, their history as well as their flora and fauna are captured in this gorgeous Mallorca Island Map.

Xplorer Maps captures much of this Mediterranean landscape and the impressive and vast history in this fully hand-drawn, hand-lettered, old-world style Mallorca Island Map.

The Mallorca map is approximately 24" wide x 18" tall and is printed with eco-friendly inks on enhanced matte paper. This is an Epson Ultra Premium Presentation matte finish 10.3 ml paper that displays exceptionally well.

*Limited quantities available

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