Press Release: Xplorer Maps releases the Lake Tahoe Map



Contact: Greg Robitaille

Office: 406.546.2659


Xplorer Maps Announces the Release of “Lake Tahoe”



Missoula, MT July 15, 2014 – Xplorer Maps, founded in Missoula, MT in 2010, has released their most recent hand-drawn, hand-lettered fine art map; “Lake Tahoe”.


This unique, one-of-a-kind illustrated map of Lake Tahoe is the result of an exciting partnership between Xplorer Maps (Missoula, MT), and the Tahoe Heritage Foundation (South Lake Tahoe, CA). Working collaboratively over the past year, an artistic vision was carefully crafted with an eye on ensuring historical accuracy, biological diversity and cultural relevance.

Your purchase directly benefits Lake Tahoe. Xplorer Maps is donating the original artwork in addition to a portion of all map sales in perpetuity to the THF ( Founded in 1908, the THF has established extensive partnerships to help preserve and protect the cultural heritage and natural history resources throughout the Lake Tahoe Basin and funds from this partnership will be invested in ongoing visitor programs, education, and historical preservation efforts of this incredible watershed.

Through collaborative partnerships, Xplorer Maps aims to connect art, community and conservation by “telling the story” with these original illustrated maps. This custom artwork is rendered in an antique, old-world style and highlights the landscapes, history and culture of Lake Tahoe and features uncompromising attention to detail…….making memorable connections between people and place.

The Lake Tahoe Map is currently available at selected retail locations, lodges, resorts and Visitor Centers around the lake and can also be purchased online at: On behalf of the Tahoe Heritage Foundation and Xplorer Maps, our most sincere thanks for your support of this project. Go Xplore some more and enjoy the lake!