Artistic Map of Cape Cod Coming Soon!

New Release: Cape Cod Map

You may have heard! Work on our new maps of Cape Cod and Boston has begun, and we can't wait to share them with you. In fact, we’re so excited that we’re going to share progress updates of the hand-drawn maps with you weekly as they take shape up until completion. But, like any good story, it’s always best to start at the beginning.

So why maps of Cape Cod and Boston? You can read about why we chose to create a map of Cape Cod below. To read more about why we chose to create a map of Boston go here.

Greg, our founder and CEO, has fond and incredibly vivid memories of three summer road trips he took from his hometown of Toronto to Cape Cod in the early ’80s. He and his good  friends Alison, Paula, Maeve, Louis, and Bucky loaded up his dad’s Buick LeSabre station wagon. They made the “annual” pilgrimage for a vacation full of summer sunshine and sand. Greg still remembers the beaches, the unique craziness that was “P-Town,” the fantastic birdlife, kayaking the waters, and his introduction to lobster rolls.

Enjoy a Map of Cape Cod Towns

Fast forward 40-something years, and Greg leads the charge to connect people with the places they love in tandem with his brother and artist, Chris, here at Xplorer Maps. The two brothers are drawn to (no pun intended) island photography, geography, and landscapes. They’ve currently built out an Island Collection that includes Mallorca, Sanibel-Captiva Islands, San Juan Islands, Santa Catalina, and Zanzibar. Over the next 18 months, the Island Collection will grow substantially as new custom maps of  Hawaii, Key West, Vancouver Island, Galveston Island, and the Outer Banks of North Carolina are added

For years, Chris and Greg have contemplated how and when to transition their focus towards the east coast – closer to home. While 2020 hasn’t been the year many of us thought it would be, it’s the year Greg and Chris were finally able to make this transition, starting with the map of Acadia National Park this past spring.

With its stunning landscapes, rich history, and international appeal, a map of Cape Cod felt like a natural step into further featuring additional incredible island destinations. Not to mention the fact that it gives Greg an opportunity to reconnect with a place that holds fond memories and hoping it does the same for others.

For Chris, drawing maps, in general, is rewarding. However, drawing maps that feature spectacular islands and their ocean elements is incredibly satisfying. The juxtaposition between land and sea is always fascinating for an artist like Chris. The stunning beauty of the Cape’s beaches provides him with unlimited features to draw and highlight.

Chris has also visited Cape Cod – “many moons ago,” he says – and he’s quite familiar with the east coast flora and landscapes. It is also pretty cool for him as an artist to switch gears from the topography of a place like South Africa (the Lapalala Wilderness Reserve project having just wrapped up) to the sand and surf that is Cape Cod.

“Paired with the new map of Boston, artistically, these two maps will be tremendous compliments to one another and hopefully provide appeal and intrigue for a new audience that might not know Xplorer Maps yet,” says Chris.