Map of Boston: Why We Chose the Area

This is part two of our new release blogs: Map of Boston!

You may have heard! Work on our new maps of Cape Cod and Boston has begun, and we can't wait to share them with you. In fact, we’re so excited that we’re going to share progress updates of the hand-drawn maps with you weekly as they take shape up until completion. But, like any good story, it’s always best to start at the beginning.

So why maps of Cape Cod and Boston? You can read about why we chose to create a map of Boston below. Read part one "Map of Cape Cod" here.

New Release: Boston Map

As for the map of Boston, Greg has been excited for a while now about applying Xplorer Maps’ unique and original style of “map-making” to some of the world’s most famous, historic, and interesting cities such as Boston.

“Being such an iconic and historic American city, Boston provides an excellent opportunity for us to highlight countless landmarks and unique cultural elements that help to tell the story of important American history through our art,” Greg explained.

Enjoy a Map of the Boston Area

While 2020 has left many of us grieving canceled travel plans (there’s no shame in that), it’s our hope that now more than ever, our maps can continue to serve as a way for people – for you – to connect to the places you love especially when they are miles away.

And for those of you who close your eyes and can see yourself with your toes in the sand on the beaches of Cape Cod or strolling the historic Freedom Trail of Boston, we can too. We hope that these new maps will give you that experience when your eyes are open and maybe serve as a way to share a place that you love with those who’ve never been.

Keep up with us on Instagram and Facebook as we share map-in-progress videos, pictures, and the stories behind it. Reach out and share your memories of either place with us, and stay tuned for the release of these maps just before the holidays.

Where will your map lead you?