Catalina Island Conservancy

The Catalina Island Conservancy is the official non-profit of Santa Catalina Island. Located off the coast of Los Angeles, the island has a wide variety of flora and fauna due to its larger size and location so near to the mainland. 

In 2017, Xplorer Maps co-founder and president, Greg Robitaille, collaborated with the conservancy to create a custom, hand-drawn map of the island.

Read our interview below with Denise Morris of the Catalina Island Conservancy!

 Xplorer Maps - Santa Catalina Island Map


XM: Please provide us with a brief history and mission of your organization.

Denise Morris: Our mission is to be a responsible steward of our lands through a balance of conservation, education, and recreation. The Catalina Island Conservancy was founded in 1972 as a nonprofit organization, the Catalina Island Conservancy is one of the oldest private land trusts in Southern California. It protects 88 percent of Catalina Island, including more than 62 miles of unspoiled beaches and secluded coves—the longest publicly accessible stretch of undeveloped coastline left in Southern California. Catalina Island is home to more than 60 plant, animal and insect species found nowhere else in the world. It is visited by more than one million people annually. More than sixty thousand school children each year visit camps on Conservancy lands.

The Conservancy is a leader in conservation programs that protect and restore endangered species and threatened habitats. It conducts educational outreach through two nature centers, its Wrigley Memorial & Botanic Garden and guided experiences in the Island’s rugged interior.

The Conservancy believes that effective conservation in the 21st century is by people for people, and on Catalina Island tests solutions to environmental challenges here, and across our Island Earth.

XM: Please provide us with a brief personal history of your role with your organization.

Denise Morris: I am currently the Director of Guest and Retail Services.  I started with the Conservancy in 2010 as a Guest Services Rep and also worked as an Executive Assistant to the COO for a few years.

XM: How did you first discover and/or hear about Xplorer Maps? How has the relationship grown?

Denise Morris: We found Xplorer Maps in Atlanta and our relationship has grown over the time we have had a retail store to include many additional products such as maps, note cards, mugs, blankets, and magnets.

XM: What makes the Xplorer Maps line unique and successful for your organization?  What stands out? 

Denise Morris: The beautiful map that was created for our organization makes Xplorer Maps line unique to the Conservancy and our mission.  People love the design and supporting the mission of the Conservancy through their unique and beautiful purchase.

XM: Please briefly share any feedback you get from your visitors/customers pertaining to the Xplorer Maps brand. 

Denise Morris: The artwork is beautiful and the quality of the items are also of note.

XM: Please briefly comment on the Customer Service you receive from Xplorer Maps 

Denise Morris: We have received responses to questions directly from the owner/artist and from his staff in a timely manner and enjoy building on the relationship.

XM: Anything else you think folks might find interesting about Xplorer Maps

Denise Morris: Looking forward to being able to sell some of the new products that are planned.

Charitable Donations:

CASH: Under our collaborative Partnership Agreement, Xplorer Maps also donates a percentage of all Santa Catalina Island map sales in perpetuity. This year’s donation was in the amount of $1,007.20!